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Microblading Prices:

Hair Stroke Brows  £250

Powder/Ombre Brows  £300

Combination Brows  £280

(Payment may be split between the two treatments).

Colour Boost Prices:

6-9 months   £90

10-14 months £130

15-18 months  £170

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Microblading 3D EpiBrows

The latest, revolutionary, freehand, feather-styling technique using a specifically designed hand tool which makes precise and neat hairline incisions. This treatment gives a natural 3d hairstroke brows look and is unlike any other semi-permanent makeup technique. Tranined by EpiBrows!


Microblading benefits are longlasting, 100% sweat, water and smudge proof, lasting upto 12-18 months and is not reliant upon other hair being present, The brow shape is designed specifically for you and drawn on first using my specific pencil. You then have the chance to approve or change the shape before we start the process. 

Perfect for any eyebrow issues microblading improves your overall appearance, colour, density, and thickness of your brows so they frame your face like they're meant to leaving you with amazing natural eyebrows.

Microblading Treatment Process

Complimentary Consultation and Patch test to make sure microblading is for you and an opportunity for you to ask questions and speak to me about any concerns you may have. We discuss what you would like to achieve, the shape and colour to suit you. Aftercare is explained with leaflet and an aftercare package is available after treatment.

On the day of appointment the eyebrow area will be numbed with topical numbing cream then the shape will be measured and drawn for you to approve before the treatment takes place. Throughout your treatment you will be consulted.

Following your treatment, after care will be explained again and a follow up appointment will be made.


  • Highest Quality Ink Pigment

  • Includes follow up health check if required

  • Complete peace of mind that we are using the highest quality products

  • Trained in and an ActFast clinic, we provide a safe and legal alternative to unlicensed topical anaesthetics and vasocontrictors.

  • Superior pigment retention.